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Mission Peru

April 2017

Despite the bad weather, the mission to reach out to the Peru communities of Pucala and Patapo ended very successfully, with great works.


The first day was very joyful, seeing again “los niños del comedor” (the children of the dining room). They were very happy to receive dental care. It was the first time I met Father R.P Miguel Oscar Mori Sanchez who is in charge of the Parish “La Piedad” (Parish of Pity) at Pucala. I was very happy to see my friends who are always there for me and help me during my visits: Pablito, Anita, Maria, Adita.

The second day we served the community of Cholocal. The same family as last year offered their house for us to provide our services - Mr Edmundo and his mother.

A very special day, because 3 miracles happened during our work.

First Miracle Mr. Jose Gonzalez Zapate was on the list of people who needed glasses. After trying on different strength reading glasses twice, I found the perfect one. After giving him his glasses, I offered him dental care or a hair cut. He stayed. After waiting for his haircut, he realized that he had a prescription for glasses from December 21, 2016, and discovered that the reading glasses prescribed 3 months ago were exactly the same as the ones he just received. How happy we all were that he received the glasses he had needed a long time ago.


Second Miracle The same day Mrs. Ana Medina Cabanillas, who is almost blind because she has diabetes, came with her son. When she told me, I replied that the glasses I have might not help because what I have is for reading. I started looking and I found a 4.5. She tried it on and immediately smiled because she was able to see her son’s face and also all of us. It was a very happy moment.


Third miracle The owner of the house Mr. Edmundo, whom they call “Momo”, has been suffering from epilepsy for many years. Momo made his home available last year for us to serve the community, and a few months after we left Momo realized he no longer had epilepsy. He went to his doctor and after all the tests Momo was cured. He is not suffering anymore. His epilepsy is gone. What a blessing!!


He shared his testimony during this visit in March 2017.


Many roads and homes had been affected by bad weather but we accomplished our dream. 


Reverend Alfonso Obando Manayay serves at the Parish of “Our Lady of Carmel” located at Patapo. He makes all the contacts and selects the places to visit. He also prepares everything a few weeks in advance of my arrival. Pablitoh Alfredo Meléndez who is the second hand for both communities always helps Father Alfonso during my visits. He installs the dental equipment and drives us to all the places where help is needed.


During my visit, Father Miguel and Father Alfonso took confessions and visited the sick nearby. I was very grateful to have worked with doctors who help with the dental care: Dr Miryam Loayza, Dr Carlos Vidarte Sarcines and Italo Severino.

What a blessed mission, with daily mass, Holy Rosary prayer, toys, prayer books, sandals, reading glasses and eye drops. After their haircuts, people received a shampoo sample, sandals and love!

Thank you

for all your prayers during this trip. We all reached many people in Peru. My prayers for all of you, and
many blessings for being part of my dreams: care and love.


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  


Dental Care

& Eye Drops



Reading Glasses

Children Received Sandels 

Goals achieved for 2017!

We bought a new sterilization dental machine, which in Peru they call “Horno” (“oven”); as well as a new dental chair and dental stool.


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