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Mission to Peru

April 2018

Peru April 6_13_2018_1.jpg


Dental care




Reading glasses


Children received toys and sandals


Families received groseries

The home “los niños del comedor” and communities of the parishes of Patapo and Pucala in the province of Chiclayo. It always brings so much joy and happiness to return to Chiclayo, Peru.  


It was lovely to arrive and see my friends and Father Alfonso Obando who always helps me accomplish my mission. Their smiles and hugs made my day.


It was a blessing to be with the children of El Comedor and to have such a great time with them.  Fr Alfonso hosts many children every Saturday. They play games and share toys. Some of them come from broken homes; others don’t have any parents.

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Peru April 6_13_2018_6.jpg
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Many of the children have a hard life, but when they get together every Saturday they all feel welcome and belong to a big family that shares a great time together. They love to receive a Beanie baby.


This mission was very special because we decided to bring a basket with groceries for families who have no income. 35 families received this gift.


I was able to buy new forceps for extractions and start using them on the first day at the school in Pucala, the Colegio Secundario Caballo Grande.  Many young students received dental care and learned how important it is to take care of their mouths.

We also successfully provided reading glasses to many who needed them.

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Peru April 6_13_2018_9.jpg
Peru April 6_13_2018_14.jpg

On the second day, I served at the church La Piedad located at Pucala. Father Miguel gave me the opportunity to enjoy myself with the community during the day. Between dental care, haircuts, reading glasses and distribution of holy gifts, it was a busy day, with happy smiles all around.


On the third day I was able to reach many people from Patapo. The church Nuestra Señora del Carmen provided me with a good room. I had two helpers, Itala and Evelyn. It was a challenge since we don’t have dental chairs. My helpers did a great job!


Dr Miriam was able to help again this year at Patapo for 2 days.


On the fourth day I went to El Progreso community located at Patapo. The church is at the top of a hill, and is called “Progreso”.  We all had to carry the equipment –A huge challenge, but we made it! Everybody

Pulled their weight.

The children had a great time. They received sandals and beanie babies, and made handicrafts and colored in some books.


Another busy day distributing reading glasses, giving dental care and providing haircuts.


The church is still under construction. I hope to come back again next year and see how it has progressed.


Reaching out to people with dental care and such gifts as reading glasses, sandals, books, and toys fill both the giver and the receiver with joy and love.

I was so grateful to have helpers during this mission. Dr. Carlos Vidarte, Dr. Miriam and Pablitoh Melendez have been helping me for many years now.

Peru April 6_13_2018_28.jpg

We visited children with disabilities. Some received toys.

We prayed together and brought Holy Communion and hope to the sick. In return, we received the gift of their smiles. 

Peru April 6_13_2018_40.jpg

After the mission was over we got together and had a delicious ceviche de pescado, and enjoyed the children dancing.

Thank you so much to all donors, friends and colleagues who helped me to accomplish this mission. We all touched many people’s lives.


Our goal for 2019 is to purchase and install 3 mobile dental chairs.


God bless you all!


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval

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