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Mission Chiclayo, Peru

April 2016

Father Alfonso Obando who lives in Peru organized all the locations where I went to serve. I was very excited because we were able to use the new Dental Unit. The first day I arrived we celebrated with an open mass with people from Pucalá.


The Pucalá District is one of twenty districts of the province Chiclayo in the north of Peru. This year I went to 4 towns: Cholocal, Pucalá, Patapo, and Pompa La Victoria, a beautiful mission with lots of tasty fruit.    


202 people received dental care, 144 reading glasses, and 48 haircuts. 85 children received toys and sandals. I was amazed to see that every town I visited had a dentist, and they showed much love by helping me. I felt so much support and help from them. We undertook tooth restorations, dental cleaning, and extractions.

The reading glasses were very successful. Many of the people need to see better in order to carry out their job better. The haircuts were also lovely. Children and adults were very pleased and happy, especially in such a hot climate.


I miss all of them. Every morning, someone from Pucalá knocked on the door of my room and brought me breakfast and tea. Sharing my love with others brings me so much happiness.    


I wish to go back next year and bring them a dental chair which we need urgently.

Thank you

I was very touched at this mission because on the last day a senior man started crying when I was cleaning his teeth. I asked him, "are you ok?" He answer was,

"I have not felt love for a long time."

I realize that no matter what service I provide, what matters most is to let them feel loved.


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  



people given dental care




reading glasses


children received toys and sandals


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