Mission to Guatemala

October 25-26, 2017

Clínica San Jose Aldea Llano Grande, Inmaculada Concepción Tutuapa San Marcos, Guatemala

This was my second time back at this place so far away from Guatemala City. It takes about 1 day to get there, very high in the mountains.


Mother Reyna Barahona, 3 more sisters and I together provided love and care to the communities nearby during my visit. The clinic is excellent, but it is a very cold place – and rainy…

I brought dental supplies, baby clothes, scarves, hats, raincoats, skin lotion, reading and sunglasses, and eye drops. The beanie babies as well (“peluches”), of course.

The children love to color while waiting for their dental care; others like to read. The sisters were very pleased to receive the baby items because at this clinic they see many babies with low weight and not very healthy.  


Many pregnant mothers don’t take prenatal vitamins because they can’t afford them, and their nutrition at home is not very good.


Mother Reyna does the ultrasound tests to check the baby’s weight and health free of charge, because the mothers cannot pay.


At the St Joseph clinic the reading glasses were a great success.  People also received eyedrops because they suffer too much from allergies. On sunny days they need sunglasses because the sun is so strong.  


Seniors in particular benefit from the glasses. Mother Reyna helped provide the glasses.


Dr Elubina and I took care of the dental work. Dr Elubina speaks the Mayan dialect they call “Mam”, which is important since almost nobody at this location speaks fluent Spanish. During the day we taught a model of dental hygiene and care, and how important it is to brush and floss daily.


Thank you

to all donors, friends, companies, family and fellow HTJH board members for helping to make these missions a success.  I cannot accomplish our goals without your continuing support.  Together we have made a difference to many people in Guatemala.


Thank you also for your prayers.  

Many blessings to all.


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  



people received reading glasses and sunglasses.


people received dental care

The children received poncho raincoats, hats, toys, balls, etc.


Our goals for the next visit (2018) to the St Joseph clinic are to purchase a folding dental chair and to continue providing dental supplies and general essential items such as: eye drops, prenatal vitamins, children’s vitamins, neosporin, diaper rash crème, skin lotion, raincoats, baby blankets, warm light socks, hats, scarves,  reading and sunglasses, beanie babies and other toys.


Mission to Guatemala

October 22-23, 2017

Corpus Christi St. Francisco de Asis Orphanage, Centro Nutricional Patzun Chimaltenango, Guatemala​​

It is always a great pleasure to return to this home and see my children and my wonderful friends, the Franciscan sisters.

There was great joy and surprise when I arrived on Sunday, October 22!  Lots of children were waiting to celebrate the “day of the Missionary”. They came from small villages and together we all celebrated holy mass and had a lovely time.

My niece Paula, my cousin Angelica and Dr. Victor Morales participated in this activity. I had the opportunity to talk to the children and share with them the experiences and challenges of being a missionary. My message to them was:  “Never give up”, “follow your heart” and “do not be afraid”.


After the ceremony, I gave some sports balls to each of the villages so that the children can play and have a good time.


Every child at this mission received a book, a holy card, rosary, toothbrush and toothpaste. They were also given a new hat because it is cold at this time of the year and they need to keep their heads warm.

The home also received a Christmas ornament.


Also some of the sisters received a book because they will use it to read to the babies at bedtime.

Dr Morales and my family provided dental care to the children and the nuns.  They were all very happy. “No cavities and good clean teeth!” they said with a big smile.

I’m very grateful to Mr Maurice Muñoz of the company Kuraray, who generously provided primer and bond to enable us to do effective restorations.  On this mission I was also able to use a cordless Prophy Handle tool to polish teeth. It works wonderfully and is very convenient.

Thank you very much to Mr and Mrs Victor and Kathleen Utgoff for their donation to enable me to purchase this fantastic tool.  

64 people received dental care on this mission. 


My dear friend Thelma Gary, her husband and friends also donated items for babies, like blankets, diaper rash cream, baby clothes, balls, etc. I distributed these at both locations on this mission.  


I was so touched to see single mothers and their children from outside come and be fed by the nuns. They were all eating together at the entrance of the house.   One big happy family!

Thank you

everyone for helping to make these missions a success.

God bless you all!​


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  

Mission to Guatemala

July 31-August 4, 2017

On this mission I visited two orphanages:


1. Hogar del Nino "Nuestra Senora Consoladora" Located at: Km 15, Calzada Roosveelt 13-65 Zona 3 de Mexico Email: parhogar@hotmail.com

My second year going back to this home.

At this place, nuns feed many homeless people three times a day. I got them a Holy Rosary this year and we all prayed together. The homeless people brought their own plastic containers to receive their food. 

I was surprised to see the same room that I used last year because it has an old used kitchen cabinet with a sink. I was very happy to have the sink so I could wash my hands and instruments and the cabinet to put my stuff in such as my instruments and curing light.


I did have two docotors helping me at this place. Dr. Morales and Dr. Lopez. The boys were happy to have their teeth clean and recieve their toys: a mini car and a plane. They like it very much. Some of them love to color when they are waiting to be seen. It was a good time. 


Some of the sisters and boys received reading glasses with saline drops to help them have fresh vision and no itching. They also received religious items. 


I was impressed by how the boys were so well organized at meal time. They get their plates to receive their food. They put dirty dishes in place and have big smiles after dinner. 


We prayed for peace and also we prayed to set up a dental clinic in the room where I worked. There is too much dental need. It is not just the boys, but the sisters, the homeless and many more people as well.  I hope to get donations to reach $6,000 so that I can set up a dental clinic which will need a permanent dental chair, dental unit, lamp and some instruments to start with.


I hope and have faith that this will be done in a few months from now. 

2. This was my first time visiting Hogar de la Nina "Madre del Consuelo" 

Located at: Cuiapa, Santa Rosa, Carretera a El Salvador Km 65.5 El Boqueron.

Email: hogarsantarosadelimalasamericas@yahoo.com


Driving from the city of Guatemala to Cuilapa takes about three hours, because some of the roads are not very good plus traffic is very heavy.


It is a very hot and humid place. 

At this home there is a school named Santa Maria Goretti. Morther Ilse gave me the opportunity to serve and car for about 86 girls and a few boys.  They were so happy when we arrived, smiles and hugs welcomed us.


The days were very busy here in Cuilapa. For many of the girls it was their first time seeing a dentist. Some of them were scared and cried. They didn't know what to expect. It was a challenge but everthing went well. Children go their teeth cleaned, examined, flouride and they learned how important it is to take care of their mouths. Since there was no dental clinic here I used a living room. 


They received tooth brushes, dolls, holy rosaries, holy cards and toys. The sisters and a few children got flip flops and reading glasses. The flip flops where a blessing because it is too hot there and the sisters were very glad to wear something more comfortable. Some of the sisters need dental care and I stayed up late at night to be sure they got some care. The reading glasses for their children went very well. Some of them can see better now, which makes me very happy.

Children love their dolls, puzzles and we prayed together. It was a nice time because during our prayer time the guitar was playing. It was so beautiful to hear the children's voices. ​


At this home they have a room where nuns and children make beautiful jewelry from recycled paper. It is a great opportunity to learn, also they sell the jewelry for a very low price to bring in some income to the home. 

Thank you

The mission is over, I love to see their smiles and I'm hoping to get the dental clinic at the boy's house that the girls can benefit from too. They can come on the bus on the weekend and have their dental needs taken care of. 


Thank you to all who contributed to make this misssion a sucess.

Together we have touched the lives of many people, letting them know we care for them. 


Thank you to Oral B and Colgate for providing the toothbrushes


Thank all of you for your support and prayers.


Many Blessings


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval