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 Guatemala Dental Mission

August 4-7 2019

Girls orphanage “Mother of Consolation” (Madre del Consuelo) Cuilapa, Santa Rosa Guatemala 



New dental clinic early next year 2020. 

Going back to Guatemala is always exciting. This time I went to the girls' orphanage “Mother of Consolation” (Madre del Consuelo) located at Cuilapa, Santa Rosa Guatemala. Mother Ilze and the children were happy to see us again.

 This home has many girls. It is located about 2 hours from Guatemala city. It was a very challenging mission because last year I found that the Italian nuns who run this location suffer from so many problems such as lower back pain and knee and leg cramps.


Diane the physiotherapist who came last year recommended shoes with heal support which would be more comfortable. These Nuns work all day long on their feet cook-ing, taking care of the children, feeding the poor, cleaning etc.


Three months before this trip I was concerned and despaired a little because I feared that I might not be able to get their shoes. There were not enough funds. After praying consistently I received a phone call with great news. A Donation came! I was so grateful and I will never forget. I was able to purchase the shoes on time.


It was busy days and a weeks before the mission. I was working evenings long hours packing all the shoes to be sure to leave on time. Shipping takes a full month. They arrived on time before I got there. 


The delivery was a joyful moment. The Italian nuns were very happy and they felt special. They don’t receive gifts at all. They live by the providence of God. I was very pleased by this goal. 

Dental care for the children went very well. Dr. Victor Morales, a family member and myself take care of so many girls. This house has internal and external children. Internal children live in the house all year long. They have no parents or family members. External children have one parent or family member. bit they don’t get to see them often, sometimes twice a month on the weekend. 

The external children have so much decay. Fluoride treatment is very important to help keep their mouths healthy. They were very happy to have their teeth clean, a toothbrush, toothpaste, joy and love.  Some of them did have to have teeth taken out but they behaved very well. 

At this home’s location, it is very hot. We don’t have a dental clinic. They have a very old dental chair but no headlight to help us see inside the children’s mouths and the chair is broken so it stays down all the time. My goal is to have a New dental clinic early next year 2020. 


All at this home get dental care including the nuns and helpers that take care of the place and their gardens. I’m very happy everyone was attended to. Long days, very hot and tired at the end of the day. But what matters during my visit is to serve, help, and educate people about dental needs and share the faith. 


Children received flip-flops, sunglasses, puzzles, Beanie babies and more toys.

Guatemala Dental Mission

August 8-10 2019 

Boy’s home located in Mexico, Guatemala City

“Mother of Consolation” (Madre del Consuelo) 


Goal Reached!

New Autoclave machine for orphanage


We left Cuilapa Santa Rosa to go to the boy’s home located at Mexico, Guatemala city “Mother of Consolation” (Madre del Consuelo) I was very happy because a dental clinic was just Installed a year ago at this location. We were able to purchase an “Autoclave” It is a machine we need to sterilize dental instruments. 

Here were also able to give the nuns the shoes they need. It was a very special time, calling their names from my list and giving them their shoes with a toothbrush and toothpaste. 

There was a special Mass in thanksgiving for all these blessings.