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Mission to Guatemala


Patzun, Guatemala, Corpus Christy

Healthy Teeth Journey of Hope has a Dental Clinic in Patzun Guatemala, Corpus Christy. The Clinic provides dental care for the children and many people around the villages.

Last November 2020, during the Pandemic, the Dental Compressor broke. It is a machine to control the air/water pressure for the dental chairs. Besides the compressor, the water pump broke too. The clinic was shut down for few months. These machines were old and they can ruin if they are not used on a regular basis

Facing the Pandemic and not having enough support, I started asking friends to help me to collect enough funds so I can get new equipment.

I was so thankful to get enough to be able to purchase and install the equipment!
It took a few months to repair because the company didn’t have the compressor in stock. 
First: the water pump was replaced and took 3 more months to finish the project.

The staff doctors and nurses who help at the orphanage hospital got advice on how to control and disinfectant the unit so they would be able to continue providing services.

Finally, in April the compressor was done and the shed was built to protect the equipment.

Thank you so much to all who contributed to achieving this project, even if I was not able to travel last year 2020, it was amazing to see how much we all together accomplish to reach out for others and for the Dental Clinic to continue helping many people.

Many Blessings to all.

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