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Mission to Guatemala


Patzun, Guatemala, Corpus Christi

After the Pandemic I was able to go back to my home country of Guatemala during Thanksgiving week.

I have not been able to perform a dental mission at Corpus Cristi, St Francisco de Asis for a while. It is located at Patzun, Chimaltenango Guatemala. When I arrived at the clinic there were no Dental supplies. This was due to the impact of the Pandemic. No donations to be able to purchase what they need.

Dr. Marlon has been helping since 2021 to provide dental care, he speaks the dialect, which is very helpful to communicate and understand what the patients need. Many patients are Mayans.

During my visit, we took care of the children’s oral hygiene, 2 days before I arrived a Surgeon Dentist came. He extracted wisdom teeth from 15 young girls who live at the orphanage. Panoramic x-rays were taken before the surgeries. The girls were transported to Guatemala City for the x-rays a week before. 

The girls were in bed resting and taking medications to be able to heal, I was able to see them.

The babies here received diapers and products to keep them clean and comfortable. The children also received the popular Beanie Babies. They love this toy very much!

The younger children received oral hygiene, restorations, sealants and fluoride treatment.

Many mothers from the villages came to us and they received a bag of personal supplies, like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, baby wipes, etc. other receive groceries bags.

On the last day of the Mission we had a Piñata , pizza and the children performed a dance to celebrate our successful week. We all had a great time. Before I was ready to leave we celebrated Holy Mass and we prayed for the successful mission and for the people who helped me to achieve this goal.

I always feel sadness after the mission is over but at the same time I have hope to go back in the near future.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2023.


Healthy Teeth Journey of Hope

Susana Scarlet Sandoval 

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