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Mission to Mexico

May 26-30, 2018

Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción (Parish of the Immaculate Conception), Quintana Roo:


Father Fernando Rodriguez LC and Father Gregory Woodward LC once again gave me an opportunity to serve their community with dental care at the Immaculate Conception in Quintana Roo.  The people are wonderful, and there is much to do for them.


There is always a huge demand for reading glasses, but I discovered on this mission that many people also need sunglasses.  The sun is very strong and people suffer headaches and eye irritations because of the sun. Having an eye chart with letters helped me to test their vision and identify their needs.

On this mission, Doctor Oscar Castillo offered to provide the dental care at his clinic,  allowing me to work with him and bring patients to be better serviced at his place, since I don’t yet have a complete dental clinic. The office was lovely, well organized with a reception for patients to be registered.


Can you see the HTJH Logo in the Surgery?!!


It was convenient to work at Dr Castillo’s clinic because he also has a pharmacy in the same building, to service patients who need medicine, pain killers, antibiotics, mouth rinse etc. His practice is: Peninsular grupo Medico 6 Dental, Avenida Leona Vicario M2 85 L&2 SM 200 Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo.


I was deeply impressed by Dr Castillo’s clinic because his wife Marta, a dental assistant, also attends to the pharmacy. Marta works hard, is a good wife, excellent mother and great friend, She helped during this mission to ensure that we had everything we needed and all the skills were available to serve the people.   


For many people it was the first time they received dental care.  They learned not to be afraid of the dental care. I felt welcomed and loved by them

I will always continue with such missions because I love to see the children happy, healthy and loved.

A dear family always welcomes me. They baked a cake and we enjoyed our time together.


While waiting to have their teeth cleaned, the children did puzzles; and some received flip-flops.


I was especially pleased that this time I got a new machine, a “cavitron” which helps remove plaque and improves the cleaning. This will be an important aide for more thorough oral and dental hygiene work with the whole community in the future.


On the last day, 15 poor families received a bag of groceries called “Viveres”, including pasta, tomato sauce, sugar, flour, sardines etc.  

They were very happy. 


Just before I left, I found a room at the Parish of Immaculate Conception that nobody had used for several years. It was an old dental clinic.  

The equipment is old and doesn’t work anymore, but the room is good and still has all the necessary facilities.


My goal for next year is to install new equipment, so that people do not have to travel too far from the church and can have their dental care there. Hope and Faith.   

Thank you

to all the people who helped make this mission possible. All of us together, with your support and love, touched many people in Mexico.

God bless you all!


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  


Dental Care

Reading & Sunglasses

Children received puzzles and flip-flops


15 poor families received a bag of groceries called “Viveres”, including pasta, tomato sauce, sugar, flour, sardines etc


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