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Mission to Mexico

I was so excited to go back to perform my missions this year, after not being able to do them for a while because of the Pandemic.


Father Gregory Woodward, Vicario at The Inmaculada Concepción Cancún, Dr. Carlos Zuñiga, and I did our Dental mission together with helpers from the Parrish.

This year Doctor Zuñiga and I had a room without A/C which made helping people challenging because even if the room had ceiling fans It was not enough to keep the room cool, especially when we had to wear jackets, gloves, face masks.

Despite the heat, everything went well. The reading glasses were very successful and many people received them. They were very happy to have them and they can now read and see better.


Dr. Zuniga and I had an opportunity to show many children how to brush and take care of their Dental needs. All of them received a toothbrush and the treatment of fluoride.


During our service, we see children and adults and some of the children receive sandals, which in Mexico they call Chanclas. I enjoyed seeing their smiles.


Also, children receive a toy and Beanie Baby after their dental care, they do behave well because they know they will receive a treat after.

During the mission week, I had the opportunity to visit families who have members sick or they have very bad financial problems, they did receive a groceries bag.

One member of the Parrish, Carina, was willing to go with me and her husband. We prayed one mystery of the Holy Rosary in every single home. Families also receive an image of the Blessed Mother of Fatima and a Holy Rosary.

I was very touched to visit all of them, but was especially touched by a man who lives by himself. He has very bad burns on his feet. Despite being by himself, he still has Hope to be cured and be able to walk again.

There was also a Lady who lived by herself that is also having a difficult time walking. Despite her age, she walks every day from her house to the church which is about 4 blocks and attends a daily Holy Mass. She says, “Going to church gives me joy and peace.”

Thank you

to the sponsors who helped me to reach out to people and be able to go back on my missions. 

Many Blessings to all. The next Mission will be in Peru in August.


-Susana Scarlet Sandoval  

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