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Mission to 
Bambamarca, Peru

We went back to Peru after 3 years. This mission was done at Bambamarca. 


It takes a long time to get there. After I arrived in Chiclayo it was about 5 more hours by car  to Bambamarca. Some of the roads are very difficult to drive. In fact some of the roads do not have asphalt and there is a lot of dust and many bumps. 

Peruvian people always show so much affection and I always feel like I am in my own country (Guatemala) with my family. It was very nice when I arrived in Chiclayo. Friends were waiting for me and received me with nice smiles, hugs, flowers and a poster that said, "Welcome Me!"

The mission started after we left the airport, we went to the market and purchased all the items we needed for our mission like toothpaste, water, disposable items, etc. 

I had a chance to have a nice meal with Father Alfonso's family before we left.

The next day we arrived in Bambamarca. The people and children were waiting for us and they decorated the room so beautifully.  I enjoyed seeing the children dance La Marinera, a traditional dance at Peru. The costumes the children wore were very nice. We had a Piñata also to have a great Welcome Day. 

Father Alfonso Manaya has been working with me for several years to coordinate this mission. He does a great job having everything ready. He is a very dedicated priest who works tirelessly all the time reaching out to people and transporting the equipment for the mission and the team. This year there are a few people have been faithful to help and they have been helping me for several years. 

Ada lives in Pucala, she is in charge of providing reading glasses, praying and singing during the mission. She also gives toys, Holy Rosaries etc to the children and adults. 

Carmencita lives in Pucala, she provides hair cuts and she brought her friend Mirella to help. 

Jiovany Portilla from Ecuador, Macas, came by bus and took him 2 1/2 days to arrive to Chiclayo to provide hair cuts, Jiovany has participated for several years when the mission has been in Ecuador. He has been called to serve and share the Love for our neighbors.

Huguito Vasquez livesin Pucala, he helped move the equipment everyday and also helped set up. He started at a young age, 15 years old. 

At this mission we did dental care, reading glasses, hair cuts, grocery baskets for the seniors and sick, sandals for children, toys, holy rosaries, and Love. We also had a Woodpecker Dental cavitron to help us clean people teeth and remove heavy plaque. 

There were 7 Dentists during this mission.

Dr. Bautista Olivera, Dr. Luz Rosmary, Dr. Mera Vélez, Dr. Juan Eduardo, Dr. Juan Carlos Guevara, Dr. Lisbeth Carranza, Dr. Jorge Rivera Valles, and Doctor Itala Severino. 

Places we serve:

Bambamarca, San Juan de la Camaca, Tallamac, Ahijadero, and St. Antonio.